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VDIC Media Center

Welcome to our media center where we will be posting videos and podcasts of literature reviews and continuing education meetings covering veterinary and human journals with a decidedly endocrine emphasis.

VDIC Videos

Cushing's diagnoses on the rise?

Apr 5, 2016
Why you may be seeing more cases, better insight into causes and best treatment practices.

What's on the Forefront of Treating Canine PDH

Dec 18, 2013
Comments on the latest developments in treating pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism in dogs and whether or not pituitary surgery will take the place of medical therapy.

Controlling Diabetes in Dogs

Sept 30, 2013

Recommendations for the best insulin options to treat diabetes mellitus in dogs.

The dvm360 Five: Episode 54

Apr 3, 2013
Episode 54 of The Five features expert practice management advice from Mark Opperman, CVPM, Dr. David Bruyette on managing feline hyperthyroidism with an iodine-restricted diet, and commentary from Dr. Marcia Heinke, CPA, regarding the impact of the Affordable Healthcare Act on veterinarians. Associate content specialist Julie Scheidegger hosts and delivers the latest news.

Three Compelling Updates in Endocrinology

Apr 1, 2013

A discussion of three updates in endocrinology:  basal insulin, trilostane, and iodine-restricted diets. 

VDIC Podcasts

Diagnosis and Pathogenesis of Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

The diagnosis and pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats, addressing pet owner perceptions, a review of insulin therapies and discussion of the role of diet.

Treating Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs and Cats

The pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus and discussion of new treatment options for both dogs and cats.

Insulin-Resistant Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

The pathogenesis, diagnostic approach and management of insulin resistance in dogs and cats.

Canine Hypothyroidism:
New Treatment Options

The etiology, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of hypothyroidism in the dog.

Diagnosing Canine Hyperadrenocorticism

The pathogenesis and diagnostic approach to canine hyperadrenocorticism.

Treating Canine Hyperadrenocorticism

Treatment options for canine hyperadrenocorticism including medical therapy, surgery, and radiation. Also a review of exciting future treatment options that attempt to address the primary cause of the disorder (pituitary adenoma) as well managing the effects of hypercortisolemia.

Canine Hypoadrenocorticism

A review of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management (acute and chronic) of Addison’s disease in the dog.

Feline Adrenal Disease

A review of feline hyperadrenocorticism, hypoadrenocorticism and primary hyperaldosteronism.

Feline Hyperthyroidism:
New Treatment Options

Review of the pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment options of feline hyperthyroidism.

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