Case Submission


Your patient's case information can be sent to us: 

  • VIA OUR VDIC ONLINE SUBMISSION FORM BELOW: (One file at a time, please.) Once you have uploaded your case information via our submission form, a dedicated client file for your account and patient(s) will be created and the consultation will be initiated.

  • BY EMAIL: Click on the email link below to send us an email with any additional patient information or preferred contact details.  








We will email you a link which will take you to your client account containing your patient’s files and the written consultation. You will be able to ask questions, pass along comments, etc. through this dedicated link or by emailing or phoning us. In addition, as new case information becomes available, you can upload it at any time through this link and it will be added your client account and your individual patient folders. Please let us know us you have questions about your case submission. We can be reached by phone at 877-902-8342. Thank you.