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Consultations for both veterinary generalists and specialists


Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation and Consultation provides general practitioners and specialists with comprehensive and expert consulting services in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. We realize the importance of consultation for specialists as well as general practitioners. Recent diplomates or those practicing without the benefit of on-site colleagues for timely consultation and peer review, will appreciate the ability to discuss and/or review cases with an experienced clinician. Such specialty consultation services will serve not only the needs of the clinician (generalist or internist) but also those of your referring veterinary clientele and patients.


Our Services


Our mission is to provide you with concise, accurate reports and practical clinical recommendations. We will review your entire patient's medical record, laboratory results, and imaging data and provide reasonable and appropriate diagnostic and/or therapeutic recommendations. We will contact you after the files have been received if we have questions or additional information is required. We may also contact your laboratory or imaging service provider to ensure the best comprehensive report possible. Once a case file is opened we work collaboratively with the clinician until the case has been resolved, and we will request follow-up information on all cases to maintain case continuity. Written consultation reports will be provided within 24 hours of submission and emergency 24 hour service is also available for critical or emergent cases. There is no extra charge for STAT submissions. Should we discover an emergent or critical finding in the medical or imaging records, we will promptly call with a personal verbal report of our findings. Case information can be submitted to VDIC through our online submission form (see our website's "Submit Case" page) or provided via email, phone or fax.


Why Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation and Consultation?


We are committed to providing the practicing veterinarian (generalist and specialist) with rapid, up-to-date, and meaningful consultative services in the areas of internal medicine and endocrinology. While many resources are currently available (online bulletin boards, list-serves, text books, scientific meetings, laboratory consultation services, etc.) to help clinicians manage ever more complex internal medicine cases, what is lacking is a comprehensive, consistent and on-going consultation service that will help you manage the case from initial presentation to case resolution. With over 40 years of experience in internal medicine and endocrinology along with a commitment to referring veterinarians and their clients, Doctors David Bruyette and Jennifer Garcia are uniquely positioned to provide you and your clients with case consultation and laboratory interpretative services. Our goal is to help you ensure the highest diagnostic accuracy and achieve the best outcomes for your patients.


VDIC Consultancy Fees:


We accept payment for our consultancy plans through our secure PayPal payment links below. To start your consultancy plan, simply choose your plan and and click on the PayPal payment link just below it. If you have questions, need information or assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at Ph 310-482-1268 or We're here to help!


Please note that there are never any extra fees for STAT case submissions.


Single Case Consultation

A one-time fee of $200 for consultation on a single case with one month of ongoing consultation to help manage the case to completion.

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